June 9th Training Session

Man… what a day. Beautiful weather conditions out where I am. Sun was shinning high (haven’t seen that in a while), temperature was perfect, minimal winds, and no clouds. You can’t ask for better conditions. Ever with my knee acting up, who an resist the temptations of going for a hard interval training session.

My routine stared a little bight different then my usual training routine, just with some different stretches and instead of warming up with light laps around the track I did a few sets of burpees to get the heart rate up. My routine hasn’t changed yet, but i’m starting to feel  like the intervals should get slightly longer then the usual 1.2km – 1.6km intervals i’m used to doing now, maybe moving up to 2km – 2.4km intervals. Anyways it will come in do time. The times you see are WITH breaks, the breaks are just excluded form the time I recorded from my Nike+ watch. I paused the watch during my hydration breaks.

I ran 4 x 1200m, with a 4oom walking break in-between each of the sets. And my knee wasn’t an issue while running today.

Screen Shot 2013-06-09 at 3.38.20 PM

I ran an average speed of 1:45 per lap (105 seconds) of the 400m track. To place this time in perspective, Mo Farah, the Olympic Gold medalist in the 5,000m and 10,000m runs a 5km race in 13 minutes…. Dam thats fast. Beats me with over  7 minutes to spare. He’s already got his shoes off and in the showers, and i’m still pushing hard on the track. That means Mo runs close to a 60 second lap, and holds pace and pushes through that pain until the end of the race. Wow.

Stephen iTri


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