Yurbuds Ironman Series Headphone Review.

Yurbuds Ironman SeriesYurbuds Ironman SeriesYurbuds Ironman SeriesYurbuds Ironman SeriesThis is a product review for the Yurbuds Ironman series earbuds. I really like these particular earbuds because of the twist lock technology they promoted when I first bought them. They advertised that it was a money back guarantee if they fall out, or something along those lines. Haven’t failed on me yet so I’m pretty happy about that. I got them for $60 at the apple store, which is a respectable price for a good set of headphones.

They come with two sets of ear attachments one small and one large (depending on your ear or preference) and a cool travel bag. The headphones themselves have a build in microphone for when you’re on the phone as well as the basic music control buttons like volume control and pause/play. When you double click the volume control, that being + or –, it will skip forward to the next track or the previous track.

It took me a while to get used to putting them in my ear but as soon as you try it a few times you kind of get he hang of it. They lock around the back of your ear with a flexible back, and you can’t even notice its there. No pressure or discomfort. The sound quality and clarity is average. The ear bud itself is sweat resistant so it has no problem staying in your ear for a long period of time. The headphones are waterproof enough to use them in the rain as I have done so on many occasions, but they are not submersible. The Yurbuds are a great headphone if you’re looking for something that doesn’t fall out of your ear every mile on the road.

I give the Yurbuds Ironman series a 4/5

Stephen iTri


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